Lockdown easing and what it means for businesses …

Boris announced on Sunday how he intends to release us from our self isolation both in a business and personal sense.

From a business point of view that is great news, but we will be going back to a different world.

A world where the grants and furloughs of the last 2 months will be coming to an end, a world of social distancing will restrict business for a lot of us. The world of Zoom and maybe even Webcast fatigue. No doubt a world of increased un-employment, as the grant money runs out and start up businesses for those made unemployed and the disaffected.

Please don’t’ think I am being negative, out of adversity often comes opportunity. It is really important at this time to be looking for trends in your business and pivot accordingly. Watch out for over-trading, this is as relevant to post covid restarts as much as new or rapidly expending companies.

It’s time to be aware of your finances on a more up to date basis rather than dumping your receipts once a year on your accountant’s desk ready for the 31st January.

The really clever businesses will have already pivoted their activity and put the KPI’s in place that should be maintained for the good of the business after the lockdown has finished. This applies to financial and non financial KPI’s Make sure that you are one of the clever ones.

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