Making Things Easier for You – Digital Accounting

Think of the scenario, your statutory accounts are due in two weeks. Your accountant has been bugging you for the last 6 months to give you invoices and bank statements, half of which the dog has eaten, and you are suffering with the flu as it is January.

The bugbear of all of our business lives is storing information and being able to retrieve it when needed. 

What if your accountant had the information before you even realised, he had it and was able to keep you posted on exactly what your financial position was?  Welcome to digital accounting.


Information is automatically downloaded from your bank account to your accounting software.

Invoicing can be done anywhere, using your mobile phone whilst at the same time those receipts are captured automatically using the same phone. Point and snap.

Collecting the information that easily allows your accountant to produce real time accounts after the payroll has been completed. 

Our packages for simple Limited companies start from a little over £120 per month plus VAT (including simple versions of the software). If you are interested in finding out how this works phone Lite Tax on 01275 217370 or e-mail us on