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Payroll Services in Bristol, Nailsea & Portishead

Based in Bristol & Nailsea, our payroll services are professional and accurate - ensuring small to medium-sized firms are catered for where payroll is concerned.

With the introduction of auto-enrolment, payroll is more complicated than it once was, despite this we still take full responsibility regarding employee wages as well as pension contributes.

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Regarding payroll there isn’t much to be said. Simply don’t make an error as this can and most likely will be costly. This is also the case for auto pension enrolment.

Previously we managed to save customer up to £825 on average, whereas HMRC has only become more costly opting more for an incentive approach, but we are searching for similar opportunities all the time.


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Established for over 17 years, we’re different, we offer advice and support. If you’re a small or medium sized business and are looking for an accountant to manage your payroll, have a chat today to see how we can help here at Lite Tax.

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