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Tax Returns in Bristol, Nailsea & Portishead

At Lite Tax, we understand how stressful it is to manage your tax returns, so we are here to support you by managing both your personal and corporation tax. If you're looking for a Tax advisor in Bristol or Nailsea, Lite Tax are here to help.

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The Lite Tax specialises small to medium sized businesses have an advantage over sole traders and partnerships because they have the pleasure of not having to pay the dreaded payments on account.

At present, the current basic corporation tax for private and public limited companies is 19% of any cash left in the company when all payments are made and there is no more money to pay.

Tax is also payable when cash is taken from the business; there are four main instances where businesses can be taxed and they are:

Salary – Lite Tax makes sure that you are making use of the tax free band.

Mileage – Businesses can claim tax on incidentals, such as mileage, which includes incidentals such as trips to the bank, stationers and even to your accountant.

Rent – You are able to charge a proportion of your ‘’home running costs’’ rather than a nominal fee as a sole trader.

Dividends – This route of cash extraction used to be a lot more tax efficient before, but is still definitely worth exploring before most others.


Our corporation tax return services are available for businesses throughout Bristol, Nailsea, Portishead and Clevedon and nearby areas. Our team have years of experience to may sure you have your tax returns completed, the right way. Get corporate tax assistance today in Bristol, Nailsea, Portishead, Newport and surrounding areas.

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We offer tax return services for those submitting personal taxes. Based in Bristol & Nailsea, we have supported many individuals throughout these areas and including Portishead & Clevedon too. Get personal tax assistance today with Lite Tax.

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There are various ways in which your tax bill can be mitigated, due to the fact the UK runs a self-assessment system for tax returns.

The first thing to consider is whether all relevant costs have been reclaimed, as relevant business costs can be offset against tax. This may seem obvious, but the number of times we see underclaimed costs is simply staggering.

Husband and wife teams should strive to utilise all of the lower zero rate bands which are available.

Many people do not know that even small adjustments such as, the timing of profit streams and dividend payments can also have a significant impact on the value of your tax payments.

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We love speaking with people. Established for over 17 years, see how Lite Tax manages both personal and corporation taxes and how we can relieve this stress from you. We’re different, we offer advice. Have a chat today to see how we can help.

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