Why Bristol Is The Perfect Place To Set Up A Business

Apart from being one of the UK’s top cities of culture, Bristol is also a thriving hub for startups and burgeoning businesses.  As a university city, with a strong music and art scene that sees it stand alongside other creative cities such as Brighton, or even London, Bristol also leads the way in terms of technological innovation which makes it particularly appealing to young entrepreneurs.

In 2016 Bristol topped the list of the top ten cities for entrepreneurs following a study by University College London’s School of Management which has as a criteria the broadband speed, cost of central office space, along with the number and value of start-up loans made available. 

There are many examples of businesses that have flourished in Bristol, with some of the city’s best known start-ups including Wallace and Gromit, Ribena, and Dyson.

But what is it about Bristol that makes it so appealing to entrepreneurs?

If you are starting a new business in Bristol you have access to a wide range of new business support services including The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills website, Outset Bristol – a free programme that helps you set up and grow your business, and  BRAVE Enterprise – an independent not-for-profit company that offers training and consultancy services.

Getting access to the help and support you need is key to setting up your business and ensuring that once it gets set up, it stays up. Having decent access to grants and funding will certainly help with a new business, but even more important to the longevity of a business is having the right support and systems in place to grow and stay relevant. Having an accountant to assist with your bookkeeping and help you save tax is one way you can stay afloat. Along with the support that Bristol offers to new start-ups, Bristol also happens to be a leading tech hub.

Bristol’s economic landscape has moved on and kept relevant and up-to-date, in part, because of its expansion and innovation in technology, but also because of the diverse talent pool it houses. With a strong tech community and social scene, Bristol attracts young innovators and businesses that positively impact each other. With two universities in Bristol, and two nearby in bath, there is a rich diversity in Bristol that drives it forward.

With the UK as the leading European tech hub, Bristol’s influence in technology is significant, and growing. Bristol Temple Quarter, also known as The Enterprise Zone, is a hub for many Bristol startups, housing many tech, digital, and professional services sectors and has a close proximity to Temple Meads train station. And with London less than two hours away, it is a realistic prospect for commuters.

While creative media, tech and aerospace are some of the cities thriving industries, the potential number and range of startups is almost limitless. With an ambitious and qualified workforce that knows how to network, innovate and grow, Bristol will continue to nurture start-ups and see many of them through to success.