When working remotely, whether from home or in co-working spaces, it’s important to set structures in place that ensure working hours are effective, sustainable and beneficial for both employers and employees. Thanks to the power of technology, it’s easier than ever to keep in touch with colleagues and keep communication flowing to check in regularly whilst enjoying the flexibility of working out of an office.

Great for entrepreneurs, start-up businesses, freelancers, developers and teams to meet, co-working spaces are becoming ever more popular. For some, replicating the office environment eases the isolation of working alone at home, and provides the mental shift to get into the zone whilst remaining independent and flexible. However, with working alongside like-minded people shared work-spaces are also a great way to network, have a sounding board to bounce ideas off and even collaborate with other businesses or remote workers.

Co-working spaces also encourage users to develop a routine whilst discouraging the ‘work creep’ – when employees struggle to be off the clock, and before they know the fragile work/ life balance starts to skew. By having set hours in the day that are dedicated to your work it’s much easier to clearly establish when you’re receptive to emails, phone calls and other communication and keep to those times.

Working alongside professionals, rather than beside your dog, can give you that extra boost of motivation to achieve your tasks for the day, instead of going for a nap or procrastinating around the house. Plus co-working spaces offer the comforts of modern amenities like Wifi, large desks, tea and coffee, comfortable chairs, relaxing areas with the added bonus of conference rooms, to create a relaxed environment you can still be productive in.


Our TOP 4 Co-working spaces in Bristol:


Fortunately if you’re local to Bristol there are plenty of co-working spaces around:


DeskLodge Old Market, Bristol https://desklodge.com/bristol-coworking-office-space

Redbrick House Co-working Space, York Court, Bristol https://redbrickhouse.org.uk/

Origin Workspace, Berkley Square, Bristol https://originworkspace.co.uk/

Pollen Place, Backfields Lane, Bristol  https://www.pollenplace.com


Give these spaces a try to see if you can benefit from working in a shared space!